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Here`s my compilation of victorinox tang stamps used for pocket knives. Some dates are not very clear (ca.) and I`m sure there are some tang.
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Victorinox Tang Stamps

In , Victorinox introduced the Alox handle that became the official design for the Swiss army. In , the Swiss government contracted half of its knives to Victorinox and the other half to Wenger. The Wengerinox Allsport Knife was produced from the early s through the s, and the blades are clearly marked with the manufacturer's name. This knife's features are nearly identical to the original Soldier's Knife, but a second blade and a corkscrew were added. Collectors who are searching for rare Swiss Army Knives may be interested in the products that were manufactured by Karl Elsener's company between and These knives feature pearl handles, two blades, a corkscrew, scissors, and a file.

The time period was a transitional one for the company, and during this decade, the knives were known by the name Victoria, making them amongst the most collectible Swiss Army Knives. Originally trademarked in , the name was derived from a goddess in Tibetan Buddhism and given by Mrs. Lisa Wenger, the company owner's wife.

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Originally designed with implements that allowed soldiers to open their food and service their Swiss rifle, the knife consisted of a sharp blade, a screwdriver, and a can opener. The company's founder, Karl Elsener, named the company Victoria in , and in , when the brand began using stainless steel, Victorinox was adopted. The name is a combination of Victoria, Elsener's mother's name, and "inox," the French word for stainless steel. This topic This board Entire forum Google.

Swiss Army knife morphs with age

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Victorinox Tang Stamps February 01, , Some dates are not very clear ca. So it would be cool if you could help me finish the compilation with informations of other tang stamps and exact dates when they were produced. Absolutely No Life Club Posts: Do you have a hi-res version of this?

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Global Moderator Zombie Apprentice Posts: Ulli, it seems you posed a thumbnail of the tang stamp picture. While it appears to be much more detailed than the ones we have here it's hard to see in this size. If you can attach it later on, that would be great the small print under the stamps isn't quite visible but it's already helped with identifying an old pruner knife with the house tang stamp as on, Odd victoria tang stamp.

No Life Club Posts: This looks like a very nice compilation.

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We definetly need a better picture. Looks like a lot of good info there. Unfortunately my old eyes can't read half of it. A better shot please. February 02, , A very useful thing.

In fact, could have used a bigger picture. Thanks that will come in handy. Ok that should be bigger Yes, that's much better! And the other part? BTW are you Dutch? Also there are a few newer ones missing. After there are in fact 3 different tang stamps. Big V with smaller stamp, Big V with bigger stamp and V the same size as all the other letters.

Oh thanks I see the difference indeed.

The tang is from the hunter pro.