Aliens colonial marines matchmaking problems

Blame Gearbox for not allowing dedicated servers. Instead, they give the PC version console-based 'matchmaking'. And I think this is only.
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To even things up for the humans, each map has weapon pick-up points offering more powerful hardware. In Last hope, there's a smart gun, which provides its own HuD highlighting nearby enemies and auto-targetting anything that moves and bleeds acid. The ammo clip only holds out for a few frenzied seconds, but its enough to get multiple highly satisfying kills. For the most part though, the atmosphere is that of James Cameron's movie: The audio is perfect here — we get the skittish modulating noise of the pulse rifles and the haunting analogue bleeping of the motion detector.

Brilliantly, you can hear the detectors being used by other players so you have this quiet symphony of pulsing bleeps — and when they all start to quicken, the tension is palpable. Whenever a marine is attacked, his gutteral screams echo through the facility, so that there's a constant soundscape of violent death.

Gearbox isn't saying anything about the progression system now, but we seem to be looking at something very similar to Modern Warfare. Marines earn both XP and cash for assists and kills, and at the end of a bout, it looks like you rank up based on your proficiency with specific weapons, unlocking new guns and upgrades as you go. Each primary firearm has four customisation slots, and the onscreen icons suggest different types of ammo and new underslung extras are among the options. It also appears that there are two slots for clothing — perhaps allowing you to buy better body armour.

Intriguingly, any XP you earn in multipayer also affects your Campaign character, and vice versa, so there is a close sense of integration between the two modes. Aliens, meanwhile, appear to have six more organically focused custom slots — perhaps allowing you to run faster or swipe with more damage potential.

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Perhaps because of their ability to run along walls and ceilings, the xenos are controlled in third-person, counteracting the disorientation felt while controlling these monsters in Rebellion's Aliens vs Predator game. Visually, this is an incredibly accurate approximation of the Aliens' world. The whole environment is bathed in a deep, low blue light, providing little in the way of illumination against the mostly black walls and floors.

Shafts of white light stream in through air vents, while red warning signs flash, and water trickles ceaselessly in through ceiling fans. Essentially, it's like stepping into the movie environment — unsurprising, as both Ridley Scott and Alien concept artist Syd Mead were consulted during the development process.

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For Alien fanatics it'll be a breathtaking experience. A question mark always hangs over the longevity of asynchronous multiplayer modes. Will there be enough left in the experience after the novelty of playing as aliens wears off? Landomatic View Profile View Posts. Maybe add custom content server hosting as well, it seems to work for counterstrike and all the other Valve products.

Hybrid View Profile View Posts. That would be a really good thing if this crap matchmaking would be eliminated. It interferes mightily when when in a match Good points but collected just before connecting to the host says, then I'm going to get out of the game!? And all others are then thrown out of the lobby, and man does not get the points! Hemi View Profile View Posts.

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Signed, it would be a real shame if folk wouldnt be able to see these new maps in all their movie-homage glory. Web View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by Ash Housewares:.

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  5. It is good game. Apparently only players only play this game worldwide. Now this might not seem as allot, we can still make some sort of difference. I havent found anyone since the release. Showing 1 - 11 of 11 comments. Ironclaw View Profile View Posts.

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    Blame Gearbox for not allowing dedicated servers. Instead, they give the PC version console-based 'matchmaking'.

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    8. And I think this is only going to hurt the game. What's the bet that in a month, no one will be playing multiplayer. Gryphonsword View Profile View Posts. If it makes it a month I'll be impressed. Waited forever to find a game today, only to have the host leave mid match.