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After that, Noodle seems to roll her eyes as if she's responding to 2D. ​ . That's why asked you those dating questions about Murdoc and Ace.
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Under strange, unexpected and mysterious circumstances, the dark pop band accidentally end up getting sent through time, over years into the future. There they travel across the galaxy, see new worlds, encounter old and new foes, and even meet an old ghost friend re-animated. Will they find a way back, or be forever lost in this post-apocalyptic future?

Gorillaz Update: Noodle Makes a Discovery

But don't worry; it's therapeutic. T - English - Suspense - Chapters: Mastermind by AGrayCat reviews When a severe change in lifestyle causes 2D's behavior to change, Noodle realizes that there may be more to him than meets the eye, a side of him that hasn't been seen since the fateful car crash that started Gorillaz. Noodle's perspective after the prologue. Updates will be slow. T - English - Romance - Chapters: And a year-old Japanese girl who doesn't speak English at all! But damn can she play the guitar!

Just my own little version of Noodle spending her time at Kong Studios as a year-old, amnesiac. Padded Feet And Drumbeats by InsomniacFlaaffy reviews Music and the smallest of misunderstandings can bring people together, even across species. But what are the repercussions of running away from your fate and learning too much information? Getting two of those things was easy. But she was concerned about goodwill, as it seemed that Murdoc had none. Set during Phase 1. Murdoc realises he's in the wrong, and cleans up his act.

Home by the-singular-peep She hadn't been home long. I find that quite funny!

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I had a pain in my arm. Don't worry, carry on. I'm in the bath right now. Better be careful not to drop the computer. Don't try this at home, kids. I don't think you realise the scale of what you've just re-kickstarted. Thanks for typing that long story.

Which Gorillaz Member Would Date You?

You must be very tired. Maybe have a lie down. A fan once threw me her knickers. They were a bit dirty so I washed them after the show and gave them back to her at the next show. Now she brings her laundry to every show. It's becoming a bit of a burden, especially the hand wash only items. The recent warm weather has made drying easier, though. So I count my blessings. For that I'm not gonna answer you.

I'm just gotta totally ignore you. Fuck I answered you. That is totally wrong, mate. I'm an Immortalist, which means I live forever. I'm not quoting Oasis , by the way. That sounds a little narrow. Try and find out a bit more about them. That would be a good start. I was in my dressing room and I found this little spider on the ceiling. We became pretty good friends.

But when I came back off stage he was gone. Henry, if you're reading this, please get in touch. It's pretty good actually these days. So I think we've turned a corner. She likes all colours of juice. I fall in love quite often. But due to my poor eyesight, sometimes with the wrong people. Naturally she was expecting a menacing environment complete with henchmen, boobytraps and three headed animals.

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You know, normal secret hideout stuff. Instead what she found was…. The spa was built into the mountain, there was an angel fountain outside, even someone performing gong sound healing. Turns out El Mierda used to be a seriously evil crime lord but he retired from that life years ago.

After shutting down his evil empire, he converted his hideout into the El Montana Wellness Centre.

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Confused, Noodle demanded to see El Miedra, shocked to find an old man. In reality he is just a leather goods salesman named Juan.

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Seeing as nothing was adding up Noodle took it upon herself to do a little investigating. Guess he heard the name El Miedra in jail and added him to his messed up fantasy. WHY would he do all of this?! What was the point of all this? Noodle was quick to offer up a theory: