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They discover that Wong hid documents on Mark's body to fool the police into thinking it was he who had died. Piper freezes Wong in place and photographs him with a newspaper announcing his own death to prove to the police that he is alive. Meanwhile, Piper and Phoebe are organizing a surprise party for Prue's birthday and Phoebe works as a psychic in the lobby of a hotel to earn money and buy a gift for Prue. When Phoebe foresees the death of one guest, she tries to save his life.

Prue meets Andy having lunch with his ex-wife and she feels betrayed. When Piper's car breaks down, she is attacked by a vicious werewolf-like beast that they later find out is called a Wendigo. Piper is saved by a man named Billy, but she starts to turn into a Wendigo since she was scratched by the one that attacked her.

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Fallon kills Billy and tries to kill Andy, but Prue and Phoebe go after her with a flare gun as fire is the Wendigo's weakness. Piper shows up as well and they nearly accidentally vanquish her instead, but she freezes the flare and Prue sends it into Fallon, killing her and curing Piper. Barbas, the Demon of Fear, spends Friday the 13th scaring witches to death, literally. He tries to drown Prue in the shower, as her greatest fear is drowning. Barbas realizes that Phoebe's greatest fear is losing a sister, so he tries to drown Prue again with Phoebe watching.

This time, Prue feels the presence of her mother and manages to release her fear and vanquish Barbas.

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Prue gets a magical distress call from a young witch named Max who is forced into helping two thieves rob a bank and is captured and forced to take part in the robbery too. Max's father tries to intervene and is shot, and Prue and Max are forced to leave him behind. At the same time, Leo returns and while fixing a chandelier, Phoebe discovers him levitating and learns that he is a Whitelighter, a guardian angel of witches who is protecting Max by directing Prue to him. He truly loves Piper, but it is forbidden and he needs to figure out how to break up with her.

Prue gets Max to short out the bomb that the thieves are using to force their co-operation and trap them in the vault.

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As Max's father lies dying, Leo arrives and heals his wound and convinces him to get over his wife's death and be a father to his son. Helping Max restores Prue's faith in having children. Phoebe is possessed by the "Woogyman", turning her against her siblings. Under the orders of the Woogy, she possesses humans as well. When Prue has people from the Auction House over for a work mixer, Phoebe possesses one of Prue's associates. Piper and Prue are about to get possessed but Phoebe chants the spell after having a premonition of Grams defeating the Woogy from a picture frame when she was younger.


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When Phoebe has a premonition of Prue being stabbed to death, it coincides with a War Lord named Gabriel coming to town in order to kill the eldest sibling witch as he did to the sisters' great-great-great-aunt. Prue casts a spell to triple her powers but ends up making two clones of herself.

Her clones are killed off, but working with her sisters, she manages to vanquish Gabriel. A powerful warlock shows up claiming that he made a pact with the sisters' mother in which he spared her life in exchange for the girls' powers. Fleeing him, the three sisters go back in time to the s when their mother was still alive and they try to prevent the pact.

They manage to get Patty to break the pact and return to the future where he is no longer immune to their powers and vanquish him with a spell left for that purpose by their grandmother. Led by Prue, the Charmed Ones help a young man named Brendan Michael Weatherly who wants to become a priest in order to avoid fulfilling his predicted destiny as a warlock along with his brothers. They begin attacking people who are close to Brendan in order to coerce him to give into his darker side. Eventually, his brothers kill each other and he becomes ordained as a priest and cleared of the attacks on innocents and a priest.

When Prue tries to stop a kidnapping in the park, a reporter sees her using her powers. Phoebe and Piper attempt to learn more about the demons who stole the child, who turn out to be Grimlocks, demons which sense people's auras and steal children's eyesight. At the same time, they must try to stop the reporter from exposing Prue. The sisters are not exposed, but Andy does find out about their powers.

The sisters vanquish the demons and a former victim of theirs who survived convinces the children they rescued not to tell the truth. The evil spirit of a serial killer Jeff Kober escapes from Alcatraz Island seeking revenge on his judge and jury.

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Phoebe and Prue must figure out how to vanquish this evil spirit and stop him from killing again without Piper, who is in Hawaii. Eventually, Prue drinks a concoction that temporarily stops her heart and vanquishes the spirit with a spell that can only be cast on the Astral Plane by a ghost before Andy revives her.

Charmed: Dead Man Dating

A wounded Leo appears at the manor, asking the Halliwell sisters to protect an innocent woman returning to San Francisco under his guidance. Daisy Lisa Robin Kelly is being stalked by a Darklighter who hunts and kills present and future Whitelighters with poisoned arrows. The Darklighter Alec Michael Trucco fell in love with her. Leo reveals that the Darklighter's poison is deadly, and Piper finds a power switching spell in the Book of Shadows so she can use Leo's healing power on him.

Unfortunately, this has the side-effect of switching everyone's powers and they all have to try to learn to use them. Anyway, the bigger story was Mark being a ghost, and how he handles it. Thankfully he has been given a background story, which made it easier for the writers to get into the ghost business.

Dead Man Dating

I was not a friend of Mark becoming so acquainted with his new status, but considering the stories and the myths his mother told him, the whole thing is acceptable at the end. I would have liked to know a little more about Yama though. A being from another dimension, who can cross over between dimensions and gets souls into Hell. Joss Whedon would have done something fantastic with this idea, but CHARMED is just using it as a Chinese mythological back drop for one of its characters to hurry up with the story development. Kind of like the Shapeshifter dog in the previous episode.

One of the cheapest tricks in television. Seriously, I watched the scene, and I immediately thought the guy would get into an accident right away. Second of all, why would Phoebe lead with the story of how he is going to die, and not give him back his wallet first? What a convenient plot to bring in some trouble into the non-existing relationship between Prue and Andy. Bring in an ex-wife, and suddenly there is trouble. The scorecard after four episodes: Prue has been courted by two guys, slept with one.